I’ve died and gone to paradise

So after 30 hours of flying and layovers, I finally made it to the doorstep of paradise, Krabi, Thailand. I was way overdressed for the 90% humidity and 110 degree temps and hadn’t showered in what felt like days so I headed straight for Pak-Up Hostel in downtown Krabi. My ambitious plan was to shower and then walk around but I quickly realized my mind and body had other plans. Looking back, I was overly tired from not sleeping in 2 days, probably a bit dehydrated, and plain overstimulated from plowing my way through 4 airports and all the international muck. So here’s what happened. I got to the hostel, walked down one block, walked down another block, and then went straight back and sat in the lobby paralyzed in fear. Not the kind of fear like “omg, I’m going to die” but more like “what the hell am I doing over here by myself?!” Even the thought of walking across the street for the ATM was slightly frightening. So, I just sat in the lobby, drinking water, admiring the Asia backpacker fashion, and trying to gather my wits. I decided to call it a day (at 2PM) and headed off to bed where I slept till 7 the next morning. New day, new perspective was the hope. Thankfully that logic worked because the next day, I was up early and ready to start my adventure. Fresh mango and banana smoothie in hand, I walked down to the pier and took a long boat (essentially a wood canoe with a weed-eater for a motor) over to Railay beach. Oh my goodness, this is my first day in Thailand?! Even with the overcast, it was still beautiful. You could walk the whole area in about a hour but there was so much to see. Three beaches, caves, a market, and world-class climbing. By the end of the day, I had no regrets making the journey over to Thailand. While there was still some apprehension, the paralyzing fear was gone (thank goodness). I could now stroll out of my hostel and wander the streets without worrying about getting lost or figuring out how to navigate the roads. Not going to lie, I still haven’t mastered crossing a busy road with 1,000 scooters barreling down at me, so I just wait for the locals to cross and hug their backs.

Next adventure, Phi Phi island!

Take flight and live!










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