And then it hits me….

Oh wow, I’m in Thailand. Leading up to the trip, the day of the trip, and mid-flight of my trip, people kept asking me if it hit me that I was flying around the world for a solo adventure. Well, no, not really. I kept thinking it would. Every time I went shopping for travel gear, I waited for that feeling. When I said goodbye to my family and boyfriend, I waited. When I said goodbye to my brother in Cali before boarding my international flight, I waited. When I landed in Krabi, I thought “this is it!” But still, no feelings were different other than exhaustion and “what the hell am I doing?” And then this happened, Koh Phi Phi.


Mostly known for its epic parties, blue waters, and Leonardo Decaprio’s “The Beach,” Koh Phi Phi is visited by swarms of people and scoffed by serious backpackers for being “too touristy.” Not sure what I would think, I decided to book a 4 Island tour that would include all of the highlight of the area. In the end, after booking through 2 tour companies, both ended up being cancelled as they were overbooked. I literally was 20 minutes out from being picked up when a lady rushed into my hostel to refund my money (I was wildly impressed she took the time to find me). I was slightly bummed but decided to take it as a sign that maybe a speedboat tour wasn’t a good idea. I walked across the street, booked a ferry ticket, and in 15 minutes I was on a ferry to the island. Two hours later, we pulled up to the island and are immediately dumped into a rat maze of stalls, bars, and cheap rooms for rent. There was no beach in site. After 20 minutes of wandering, I find “The Beach” (actually the party beach) which was mostly a pool of trash and super hot water with several people passed out. “Um, this can’t be where I’ve seen so many epic pictures” I thought. Wandering back through the rat maze, I find a map and directions to another secluded beach about 30 minutes in the opposite direction. I literally hiked through a jungle and just when I thought I wouldn’t see any fabled Phi Phi beaches, this popped out before me….

Yes!!! I literally threw my stuff down on a rock and jumped into the waters. All around me, schools of yellow fish swam. The water was so clear, no snorkel mask was needed. I had never seen anything like this before. Dorothy was definitely not in Kansas anymore. As I lay in the water, watching the blues turn to green and the long boats whizz by, I suddenly realized, “I’m in Thailand! This is what I’ve worked so hard for these last 3 years! OMG, I’m really here!” Best. Feeling. Ever.

Take Flight and Live!





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