A diggin’ fool


Confession: I’m a personal trainer who doesn’t belong to a gym. Gasp! After spending so many years and hours in them both personally and as a trainer, I’m just a little tired of the scene. Plus, I’m being super thrifty now and saving my pennies for some cool trips. However, I’ve got tons of home equipment in my little apartment and can do a pretty good workout on my own. I also like looking for opportunities to do some manual labor to squeeze in an extra workout. Which brings us to a random morning when my dad mentioned he was needing our garden dug up so he can plant. Hello arms and back workout! Here’s a before shot of some hard, dried out Kansas soil. Hard to believe that last year this was a bountiful garden.

Row by row, dig, scoop, turn, dig. My dad isn’t a big believer on spending extra money on fancy things, like oh, say a tiller, when he has kids to do this stuff.

These guys decided to show up and make things complicated by lying on the cool dirt.

Even though the dirt was turned up, there were still large chunks that were not conducive for tiny seeds and plants. So even though my dad doesn’t have that fancy tiller, he does have this contraption…..

Apparently this is what they used back in the good ol’ days. It busts up the clods and fluffs the dirt. Are you surprised we have Internet and cable because some days I am.

Two hours later, I had a space about the size of a single car garage dug up. My back and arms got the workout I was hoping for and the dogs got to roll around in some fresh dirt. We were all pretty tired and dirty and I was craving fresh squeezed lemonade. Nothing beats a quick dash through the hose!

What’s your favorite non-gym workout?



Tour De Brew


Back in my senior year of highschool, my brother and I biked the Katy Trail from Sedalia, Mo to St. Charles, Mo. This 4-day trip took us along 230 miles of train tracks that have been turned into a gravel trail along the Missouri River across most of the state. It was an awesome trip that took us along amazing bluffs, small towns, and even a tornado encounter. Since then, my biking has been limited to a couple of times a year. After moving to the city, I realized most things that I do or need are pretty close to me. And I still don’t belong to the gym and need excuses to get some daily workouts in. So out came the bike. Now I’m not super comfortable with throwing myself out into city traffic and cruising down the street with crazy drivers but I was determined not to let fear hold me back. Not going to lie, the first time I was hanging out in the driver’s lane, I was shaking a bit and envisioning every head injury that’s come into my ICU. So when the opportunity to do Tour de Brew came up, I jumped all over it. This 30-mile ride highlighted popular breweries in KC plus some historical sites related to beer. And it took place early on a Sunday morning when the roads weren’t full of crazy drivers.

The starting line was at Knuckleheads Saloon in KC’s East Bottoms. It’s a funky blues and honky-tonk bar that even has a caboose outside you can drink in. 

A quick breakfast of homemade energy bars (we’ll discuss that goodness later) and a check of my tire pressure, I was ready to go, as well as over 1,000 other riders.

Pretty soon we were cruising down streets of Kansas City that I would have normally not felt comfortable on. It was great being around other riders with more experience so I could learn some better road habits. Plus with this many riders, I didn’t have to worry as much about a car plowing into us (I still worried).

My lovely crew of friends and co-workers made our first stop and KC’s very own Boulevard Brewery for snacks and hydration. 

Most of these guys had not ridden in a long time or ridden this far so I was super excited we were all out pushing ourselves.

The ride will full of the great sights KC has to offer, like the Country Club Plaza….

Thirty miles later, I was hot and hungry. The post party included tons of brats, potato salad, Boulevard beer, and blues bands.  I was lucky to run into rock star Beth, whom I used to train, and her lovely family. Even without a trainer, she continues to rock it and is still super active. She even gave biking a try with her husband and daughter that day. I love seeing clients keeping up with their goals even if I’m not around! 

My awesome co-workers Maria and Mary made the ride super fun and we all decided we need to get together for more biking adventures. At the end of the day, I felt more confident about road biking and think I might be ready to merge into traffic.

Have you tried something recently that was a little scary?


Taking Flight


Hi! I’m Andrea and this is my dog Nellie…..

On what was a normal walk down the drive for the morning paper, a little surprise popped up……

Isn’t she precious??!! How someone could have decided they didn’t want her is beyond me, but they did, and proceeded to dump her in my brother’s car. She was barely 4 months old but already full of love, happy tail wags, and puppy kisses.

Since then, I’ve made up for her traumatic appearance into this world. We take lots of these….

She’s also my running buddy and all around little shadow. Don’t let the pink polo fool you either; she’s a fierce protector.

So what’s up with this flight? Well, I used to be a personal trainer until I got tired of watching people do push ups so I became a registered nurse in a critical care unit. Now I take care of people who didn’t have personal trainers. While taking flight is another descriptor for running, I feel that it embodies what I want to live for and what I want other people to experience-happiness and wellness. Lots of focus is placed on hard bodies and the next hot diet and people forget that wellness embraces more than the physical. We also need to make sure we’re taking care of our social, spiritual, occupational, emotional, environmental, and intellectual self.

It has taken me awhile to get to this point in my life and I still need daily reminders not to forget about certain pillars of my wellness. I try to keep my life full of running, biking, hiking, adventurous travels, fresh cooked foods, great friends, and happiness. I want to encourage you in your flight of life and wellness while learning how you make this journey.  I don’t expect everyone to rock hiking boots and dirt-streaked legs. I’m pretty realistic knowing that this is not everyone’s thing. However, I do hope you have a daily moment where you do something that benefits you and your body. It’s time to take flight and live!!

What is your daily moment for your body?